Palmetto Pigeon Plant was founded in 1923 as a squab supplier primarily to the east coast. Its founders, Wendell Levi and Harold Moise, combined to build the largest squab farm in the world. Harold Moise, an engineer and World War I pilot, designed the production and processing facilities to the finest details. He served as General Manager and President developing the company into an industry leader. Wendell Levi, a lawyer and noted author, is recognized still today as the leading authority on pigeons. The Pigeon and Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds are still in print today because of the diligence of their author, Wendell Levi, our CEO. He was instrumental in developing the breeds of utility pigeons that are still used today throughout the world. Both men served the company for over 50 years and their vision, attention to detail, and expertise still guide us today.

Our company's worst and greatest day occurred on September 29, 1989 when Hurricane Hugo delivered a direct hit to our company. It moved us to diversify and eventually expand our company so that we might survive. Since that day, we have seen our company grow from $600,000 in sales to over 6 million. Today, we are still a leader in the game bird industry. We now process squab, cornish game hens, poussin, and silkie chickens. In addition we supply pigeons for research to many universities in North America and sale utility pigeon breeders through out the world.

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