Palmetto Poussin has a very delicate flavor and tenderness. Even the drumstick and thigh are "white meat." Poussin is often referred to as the "veal of chicken."

Palmetto Poussin is a healthy, natural product that has never received any growth stimulating hormones and is ANTIBIOTIC FREE. Fed an ALL VEGETABLE DIET and fresh spring water, the Palmetto Poussins are farm-raised under stress free conditions, allowing them to reach their natural maximum potential.

Each Palmetto Poussin is minimally processed, USDA inspected, and individually vacuumed packed in a Cryovac bag which will yield and excellent shelf life.

Palmetto Poussin can be prepared in a short period of time, especially our partially deboned products. If you have a rotisserie, there is no better choice than Palmetto Poussin which is the ideal serving size.

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