Palmetto Pigeon Plant is the world's largest supplier of pigeons for research.  Virtually all of the literature on arteriosclerosis and plaque formation in the pigeon has been done with the Palmetto strain of white carneaux. The Palmetto carneaux has been maintained as a closed colony for over 70 generations. Meticulous records allow us to trace pedigrees for ten generations. Our lines are pure, and guaranteed to be so. Since 1923, Palmetto has supplied over 150,000 pigeons to research centers throughout the world. The pigeon is hardy, adapts easily to a wide variety of environments, is easy to care for in laboratory studies, and exhibits unusual characteristics, including

  1. Pigeons are altricial. Squabs are first fed "pigeon milk" and then solid foods by both parents.
  2. Pigeons form a close pair bond and will keep their mates for life.
  3. The Palmetto white carneaux develops arteriosclerosis in the absence of dietary cholesterol. Plaques are very similar to the condition in man.
  4. Pigeons are clean, do not bite, are virtually odorless, and require inexpensive grains as the main dietary source.
  5. Pigeons do not have a gall bladder, and the cecal pouches are rudimentary.
  6. Visual acuity is extremely good.
  7. Pigeons have been demonstrated to exhibit self recognition.
  8. Average life expectancy is ten years.

Age Comments
6-8 weeks Sex NOT guaranteed. Order must be received four weeks in advance of desired shipping date.
3-5 months Sex NOT guaranteed. Order will be shipped 10-14 days after order is received, or, as instructed.
6-12 months Sex IS guaranteed.* Order will be shipped 10-14 days after placing an order, or, as instructed.  Six month old birds are sexually mature
1 year to 5 years Sex IS guaranteed.* Supplies of this age bracket are limited. Order must be received three weeks prior to requested date of delivery.
5 years and older Sex IS guaranteed.* Order will be shipped 10-14 days after request is received, or, as instructed.

Palmetto guarantees live delivery. All birds are delivered from healthy stock and should adapt easily to your environment.


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