Palmetto Pigeon Plant is pleased to bring Palmetto Squab to you. Our company boasts a rich history being founded in 1923 and supplying millions of squabs throughout the world. Our squab has been served on plates of Kings and Queens, Presidents, Prime Minister, dignitaries, and other lovers of great food because of the quality they demand.

Palmetto Squab originated from one of the oldest and largest squab farms in the world. Years of farming experience have told us the meat must be tender and succulent. We accomplish this by what is fed to our squab. We feed an ALL VEGETABLE DIET with spring water. NO ANTIBIOTICS or other chemicals are ever used so that you are assured of flavor. We want our squab to be the best so we feed the best.

All Palmetto Squabs are government inspected for quality giving you the highest assurances possible. Our state of the art processing facility and its' 60 employees only goal is to make sure your dining experience is exceptional. All products are minimally processed by hand and vacuum sealed to assure freshness. Once again, we want our squab to be the best.

Please try Palmetto Squab and you will taste the difference.

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